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Just a quick update.

I rebuilt my RPi2 image and decided to start a program manually.

The first zone started up immediately, but at that exact moment the web interface was lost.  Attempts to reconnect resulted in a ‘connection refused’ browser message.  I was still able to ping the pi, and also shell into it.

I let it run past the scheduled duration, and it didn’t stop automatically.  I ended up power cycling it to stop the current watering job.

Upon reboot I decided to run another zone, but did so via the home page, and not via a ‘manual program’.

During that job the browser stayed up, but reported a network error.  Pings to the unit failed.  That job continued to run past its scheduled duration.  Power cycled the unit.

I decided to try using a powered USB hub with my USB wifi.  I’m using aEdimax EW-7811.

The next manually started zone ran to scheduled completion, and the browser/network remained up throughout.

Following that, I started my last zone and everything worked as expected as well.

I’m going to go back to an older RPi model this weekend and give that a go.  Living in Southern California and with all the visibility about watering lawns, I really need to be able to trust my sprinkler timer.  And I don’t want to dedicate a powered USB hub, if it turns out the RPi2 is just too power hungry.

How much current is supplied to the RPi during a sprinkler job?