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I just want to post a follow-up for anyone experiencing the same issue as me.  This all started with me trying to Port forward my OpenSprinkler (O-S) for remote access. First, I had to set up a static IP address.  Being that I installed my O-S last year, I forgot that you can set a static IP on the O-S itself.  Here I encountered my first problem.  Being that I have hardware version 2.1on firmware version 2.1.0, I cannot simply press button 2 to display my MAC (how annoying).  After googling, I used my command prompt to run ping and arp commands and found what I thought was the O-S MAC address.  Unfortunately, it had returned the MAC address of my client router (The TPLink that O-S recommends installing with the unit).  Every time I set my static IP address on the router (unknowingly for the client router instead of my O-S), the O-S would jump.  It kept jumping back and forth between and, the opposite of whichever I set as the static IP.  Now that I understand the whole picture, it makes more sense.

So I kind of figured that there was a problem with my MAC address after a while.  Here is where I encountered problem #2.  I tried to update my firmware version (in order to view the MAC by pressing button 2).  I followed along with the instructions posted online.  I’ve following much more difficult tutorials plenty of times in the past, but for some reason I just could not get this to work.  I believe there is a problem with the drivers that are on the installation PDF.  Maybe they are a problem on every computer, but they were on my Windows 7 64-bit HP laptop.  And they wouldnt work on my Toshiba netbook running Windows 7 either.  I finally brought my Mac laptop home from work (no driver necessary), and the installation was completed in under 10 seconds.  You can see the error message I received in the messages above.

Now that I had the new firmware, I removed the MAC address from the TP-Link client router, manually put the static IP into my O-S, and also attached the static IP to the O-S MAC address, through my main router.

Unfortunately, I still cannot access the O-S remotely, but I think this is due to the port forwarding settings.  I have an ASUS RT-N66U router.  The O-S instructions (using a different router brand) give the following cells to input data:

  • Service port (external port) :8080
  • internal port : 80
  • IP address:  “O-S static IP address”
  • Protocol: All
  • Status:<b> Enabled</b>

On my ASUS RT-N66U router, I have set up as follows:

  • Service Name: OpenSprinkler
  • Port Range: 8080
  • Local IP: “O-S static IP address”
  • Local Port: 80
  • Protocol: Both (TCP and UDP)

So these setting are not working for me.  If anyone knows what I am doing wrong, please let me know.  I guess I am not sure if all of these settings should be done on my main router or the client router.  And I dont know what the difference in naming is from the TP-Link tutorial to my ASUS router.