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I’ve performed the same upgrade & seemingly all went okay.  As s3v3n7w0 mentions, though, I never had to restore my settings and my crontabs were empty.  Did the upgrade not work correctly?

I’ve been noticing similar behaviour to those above today whereby an 8-minute manual run of one station never stopped, continuing for over 2 hours until I noticed the problem and issued the ‘stop all stations’ command via the app.  Curiously, at the time, the interface wasn’t reporting any station running, but the logs now show the true duration.

Separately, this happened again with a 5-minute run — the station ended up running for almost 2 hours.  Seemingly, it only stopped when I re-opened the OpenSprinker app on my phone to check if the program had completed.  Again, the app wasn’t reporting anything running, but reports the true duration.

Also, I’ve noticed my OpenSprinkler fails to run scheduled programs entirely on certain days, but this might be a different issue.  I’ll create a separate forum post for it.

App Version: 1.4.1, Hardware Version: OSPi, Firmware: 2.1.3, Raspberry Pi B, Installed using latest (at the time) image and followed upgrade instructions.