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Hi Ray, excellent idea about having your server host the custom scripts for weather adjustment.  Perhaps some would use your Zimmerman default, some would design their own, and others might see a custom script they would like to use (in case they don’t want to design their own).  Then you could have a list of the custom ones people submitted and see if others want to use those or modify for their own needs?  If you could host the script I’d like to write one that takes into account the day before, the day of, and the day after for humidity, temperature, rainfall, etc.  I looked at ET and it seemed quite complex and I’m thinking all that people need is a relative change of watering based on those 3 parameters typically (humidity, temp and rainfall, actual and forecast).

rjalex – perhaps you could modify your OS to check at a certain time of the day only when your wifi is on and remember that watering % for the whole day.  Also having tomorrow’s forecast might be of benefit to you even more since you would only be checking the weather once a day instead of throughout the day. (i.e. if no rainfall yesterday or today yet, but it’s going to rain tonight or tomorrow you wouldn’t probably want to water anyway).