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Thank you for the extra input from everyone.  I was able to get remote access working, finally.  It ended up being a mistake on my part. I had the app set to connect to my internal IP address.  Obviously, it dawned on me that it is not possible to connect to the internal IP addresses from an outside network.  This is clearly outlined in the video.  I just needed to sit down and re-watch everything all at once.

My new settings are as follows:

On my ASUS RT-N66U router, I have set up as follows:

  • Service Name: OpenSprinkler
  • Port Range: 8080
  • Local IP: “O-S static IP address”
  • Local Port: 100
  • Protocol: Both (TCP and UDP)

On my OpenSprinkler app, I have set up as follows:

  • IP Address: “ASUS external IP address”:8080


For what its worth, I have my TP-Link router set up in client mode using dynamic DHCP and it seems to work ok.  I have reserved the static IP address on my ASUS router and on my OpenSprinkler.  It seems to work just fine with that setup.