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Hey all, just ordered my OSPi today and ready to get my geek on! One of the features I’d love to see is multiple master valves. In my case, I’d want m1 to run with stations 1 through 14 and then both m1 and m2 with stations 15 through 18.

I only have one master with my legacy controller, but after reading all about the OS (great product Ray!!), I started to think of how it could help me fix other issues with irrigation. One issue I’ve had on more than one occasion, is a worker splitting an irrigation line while digging, tilling, etc. and having water rushing out at 60 psi through a 1″ hose for hours before being noticed. My thought was to install an inline brass solenoid valve, in my house, just before the water line connects to the irrigation manifold. This would be m1, which I’d need to activate for all stations, and prevent wasted water if any line broke.

My current system has a master valve that I rigged a year ago, where instead of replacing my manifold with a larger one, I took an existing station, added the 3 new zones to it with 3 new valves, as well as another valve for the existing zone. I currently have two legacy controllers managing this; a new controller for the four new zones, 15 through 18 and the original controller of the master which means I need to make sure the clocks are in sync to ensure the master is running at the same time as those zones. I think this will be fixed with the master valve feature and the second master would be great for the broken pipe example. Thanks!