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Okay, looking further into this and here is what I found out:

The observation location is now being used since other user’s said it was more accurate however Weather Underground is sending the following information for your location:

city: "Délegyháza-Kertváros, Délegyháza"
country: "MAGYARORSZáG"
country_iso3166: "HU"
elevation: "318 ft"
full: "Délegyháza-Kertváros, Délegyháza, PEST"
latitude: "47.261456"
longitude: "19.081120"
state: "PEST"

The display location is shown as:

city: "Dunaharaszti"
country: "HU"
country_iso3166: "HU"
elevation: "100.00000000"
full: "Dunaharaszti, Hungary"
latitude: "47.34999847"
longitude: "19.08333397"
magic: "7"
state: ""
state_name: "Hungary"
wmo: "12844"
zip: "00000"

Basically, the issue is with Weather Underground and the switch to using the observation location. This really seems like a Weather Underground issue and to make matters worse some users find the observation location more accurate whereas the display location seems to have less errors with formatting. I am still thinking about the best way to approach this but this is what is going on right now.