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Samer, Thanks for your promptness. I should go see my optometrist I think.

FYI, I have been ‘bench testing’ and pre-configuring the OSPi while I await the deliver of my OpenSprinkler Controller hardware – so there is no controller connected. Perhaps this is why the software is misbehaving?

Also some of the options for the stations are missing – like ‘Relay contact closure’ – perhaps this again is because no controller hardware.

Also the system has been running Ok overnight with no ‘Network Error’ banner. Also I saw the issue previously on both local (web browser via local LAN), and remote (iPhone App via 3G Cellular to my local router/gateway configured with port forwarding and no port number translation).

Question, how long does it take for the remote App to re-sync with the OpenSprinkler? I make changes locally and find that the remote App doesn’t reflect these immediately – i’ve had to kill and restart the App on iPhone and then changes are shown.