Johan Schön

In watering system for private use, Gardena is the most common brand in Sweden. The sprinkler valve is 24 V AC. I have 5 of those in my garden, wired of course.

The benefit with RF controlled DC valves is that I don,t need to prepare cables. So infact these could be used for watering temporary flowers, shrubs? during summertime, standing in pots  at the terrace. Those pots are movable during season. When leaving for holiday or visit summer cottage the small amount of soil gets dry very fast.

Water connections I have several around the garden so then  I can just connect a hose with “drip holes at each pot.

By the way, the input on OS i use for checking if lawn robot is at home for charging with a micro switch. When we’re not at home I then have control if it’s got stock somewere, over a longer period.  Nice with friendly neighbours that can help you with just a call. I also use a output on OS to latch a relay so I can switch between 2 different inlet. Micro switch for robot or rain sensor.