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Is there any news on the EPA WaterSense certification? Then is would qualify under the SoCal WaterSmart program. See:

I’m VERY interested in getting an OpenSprinkler controller to replace my POS Orbit controller. If OpenSprinkler can get certified on that list, though, rebates up to $200 become available, so I can get it for FREE! “Only WBICs that are EPA WaterSense certified qualify for SoCal Water$mart rebates.” It’s ironic that the main feature of those smart controllers (weather integration) is somewhat wasted, given the mandatory minimal watering we are allowed, on a fixed schedule. But as discussed in this thread above, rain delays are key.

I really want a computerized controller for my sprinklers, primarily for logging and verification purposes, so can I know for certain when/if and for how long my lawn watering runs. (It’s a small lawn, but I’ am loathe to give it up) I can foresee this being a big issue in the future, as our drought here in California continues and water restrictions tighten further.

I have looked at other options, like the Rachio Iro, which is pretty slick, but I have major issues with cloud-reliant devices. I want something that’s going to work 100% no matter what the state of my internet connection (and no matter if the manufacturer goes out of the business and turns off their servers, rendering your expensive hardware useless!). No such issues with OpenSprinkler.

I’m especially impressed by the option to connect my own personal weather station to Weather Underground, and point the OS to that for rain stoppage: Then any weather forecast-related options actually work as intended! Los Angeles is a massive city, and an 80% chance of rain could easily mean neighborhoods 10 miles away get drenched while my lawn doesn’t get a single drop. No such issue if the sprinklers are controlled by a rain sensor on my own property.