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Egidijus Žideckas

@John_B_Casey wrote:
I am generally very happy with the new OpenSprinkler Pi I just installed and with the sprinklers_pi software. I modified it very slightly to eliminate the pump zone as I have an 8 zone system and needed all the relays.
The one issue I am seeing is “communication failure” messages and “NOT ALLOWED” messages.
I generally use Chrome as my browser. Anyone else seeing this type of issue? Any hint as to the cause?John

I have done some testing and debugging and it looks like this behavior happens with Chrome on Windows but not with IE or even with Chrome on iOS.
When returning back to the main page the C++ code built in HTTP server tries to do a read to get the requested parameters and this read returns zero bytes.
This causes the built in server to declare ERROR! and return 405 to the JS running on the client.

Hi, I think I managed to fix decrease Chrome browser errors,  changes:

I get errors from time to time, but way less frequent