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Hi David,

Thank you for sharing you experience as this is valuable information to improve the product!

In regard to the labeling on the case, I think Ray would be best to address this however I will touch on the software issues you mentioned.

The expansion boards have historically been managed by the user and the firmware will never modify the station capabilities. The reason is because the firmware has a concept of “virtual stations” which can be used for mainly RF stations right now but will also allow remote stations in the future (stations on a separate OpenSprinkler controller).

For the program name, I used to have it named Sprinklers to avoid the wrapping of the long name. Unfortunately, that adds some confusion and doesn’t help the name association so it was changed. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is much I can do on this front.

The app does save the IP and works by communicating directly (currently no cloud option). When the app scans, it’s just scanning your local network (all 255 IPs) and showing you any NEW OpenSprinkler device it finds. If the IP changes, or you want to add another site: you can open the left side panel (swipe right) and hit “Manage Sites”. This will open the site manager page and on the top right corner is an Add button. This will either open the manual entry popup or, if scan is available, show you an option to scan or manually add a device. This is what you are needing to rescan or you can just replace the IP with the reserved IP you put in your router.

Thanks again.