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Hi Samer,

Re: Long name
A couple of apps that I use have long names. They are displayed in 2 lines. The line wraps are not random so there must be a way to make the wrap work either by inserting a <CR> or adding spacing before and after to the first part to cause the wrap where you want it. Just a suggestion… you could have ‘Open’ on the top line followed by ‘Sprinker’ on the second line.

Re: Changing the controller address
It did replace the address once I realized what the behavior was but it was not intuitive, at least to me. Since the app would give me the scan or set manual popup each time I started it (with the original address), it felt like it was not being saved. Since it knew ‘an’ address after the initial scan why didn’t it give me the option to just connect? Knowing that I was going to change its address to the reserved one, I left it in this temporary (or so I thought) state, i.e. scanning at startup. Once I changed the address, I expected the app to give me the same scan or manual pop-up that it had been giving so I could now chose manual and set it, but it gave me an error instead. My point here is just so you understand why I had the expectation that I did. I got to the right steps but not as quickly as it could have been.