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Thanks for the explanation about the labels. I figured it wasn’t accidental but it’s nice to know why and where things are headed.

RE: number of stations
Being able to to select more stations than the physical set makes sense. I do think it would be easier for some users if either the initial (out of the box) default for physical stations was to enable all that were found (i.e. opposite of what it is now) OR if a note was added to the Getting Started Guide that tells people that they have to go set this if they have an expander.

Another out of the box simplification would be to prompt the user for Location OR add a reminder to the Getting Started Guide to remind people to set it. Its great that NTP is on by default but you still need to set your location to get the time right.

I know that both of these items are listed in the user manual but only in their reference form. If these 2 items had behaved as I described or were in the Getting Started Guide, my out of the box experience would have be perfect. I.e. I plug in the expander card, plug in an Ethernet cable, turn power on, point the browser or mobile app at it, it prompts for location (or reminds me to do it) and done, it’s ready to program. I understand that different users have different views, I’m just sharing mine FWIW.

Thanks again. I’m very happy with the product, and so is my wife (also a techie)… and she absolutely hates the system we’re replacing.