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Hi Samer,

I like your approach. The result will be similar to what users are used to other consumer devices when they first install them. i.e. little hand holding to get them to a base usable state quickly.

A little detour to explain why I’m interested in this aspect of the product…
When I decided to go with the Irritrol system back in ’05 (sounds like a long time ago), the irrigation contractor that was installing my system was interested in the product’s concept of being able to manage schedules on a PC and load them into the controller. It would be easier for him to manage the part of his customer base that relied on him to maintain their system. Other, more tech-savvy types, might like it too. He and I tested it to see if it was easy enough, functional enough and reliable enough for him to sell. Well, it wasn’t. It was not too easy to configure and the PC software to manage it was buggy and unreliable. The one great feature it had that we’ll miss, is the dirt and water resistant remote. Mobile device are great but they’re not as easy to use with gloves on nor as tolerant of dirt and water. Since that time I’ve looked for a new solution. I’ve considered a few, but none met enough of the my requirements… until OS. I still work with the same contractor for any significant changes to my system. Once I get a little more experience with OS, I’m going to show it to him. So far I think it is easy enough and functional enough for him.