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I’m also going to suggest we be able to modify on a per-zone basis, again to differentiate between types of irrigation.

And I’ll reiterate that I believe for precipitation adjustment to make any sense whatsoever, the system needs to know how much water it is putting through the zone before it can adjust the effect of rainfall on that zone. 1mm rainfall completely negates irrigation in one scenario and barely scratches the surface of another. The same rainfall literally could make 100% difference for one (small water requirement drip zone) and 0% for another (indoor). ALthough, this is partially accounted for with weights (if, and only if, they are adjustable on a per-zone basis). But weights are going to be applied linearly while a true comparison requires a calculation that rectifies volume (x cubed) with area (x squared) since rainfall data is 2 dimensional (or assumed so because the presumption is the area covered envelopes the land in question) but we irrigate in 3 dimensions.

Re-reading what I just wrote, I’m not sure I’d understand the above paragraph if I weren’t in my own head. Sorry, I don’t really know how to explain it better. Maybe weights accounts for it better than I think… I’ll have to run some numbers. I’ll stop talking now 🙂