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Update: Not complaining, just providing more data.
Since my previous post early this morning, my OS display is back to ‘Connecting…’ and getting ping errors when I ping it. I’ve not done anything to the OS today except ping it occasionally. It ran its schedule from midnight to 10:30 AM according to the log. It started failing again in the late morning. It’s now late afternoon. I’ve been watching the display for over 20mins and it has stayed in the Connecting…’ state. How long does it take to restart the controller? Could that logic be failing?

I think I can monitor traffic from OS to my router via my router in some form. Since ‘Connecting…’ happens when a ping of the router fails, it seems like it would be interesting to see if OS is trying to ping it now and what it looks like in the normal state. I can’t promise anything since I’ve never tried to do this with the router before, but it seems like an easier experiment than Wireshark, and I’ll learn something new about my router.