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Update: Last night I turned off the MAC address logger. This morning I looked and OS was responding to pings normally. I turned the MAC address logger back on and there was no activity for 15-20 minutes until 5:59AM. Then there was a burst for the same DHCP messages until 6:00. Now back to quiet. I’ll leave the logger on and watch for a little while this morning.

Misc info and other experiments if needed:
The DHCP lease time is 3 days. The router does not show lease info for static leases so I can’t say when the current lease is expected to expire from the router’s perspective.
Other experiments I could try:
Release the lease and see how the OS reacts.
Change the router to provide a regular DHCP address (with a shorter lease time) and observe.
Change the OS to a static IP and observe the behavior with the MAC logger. A week or so back while gathering info on this issue I set it to a static address and got into the same ‘Connecting…’ state.

A little data is a dangerous thing…
With the data I have, the ping behavior fits.
The OS ‘loses’ its IP address and makes a DHCP request (SRC: When it’s in that state the ‘host unreachable’ response to ping makes sense.
It gets its address ( Now pings work.
But it doesn’t seem to know that it’s got an address and makes another DHCP request (SRC: It then ‘loses’ it and starts over.
Given the amount of activity, the ping timeouts also make sense.
OK, I should leave the speculation to the experts. 🙂