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Good thing you are exposing those three, Samer. Another +1 from Romania. It has been so hot these days, yet the cloud has decided to go 49% water level…

Since we are on the subject of weather control, not sure what OS is currently fetching from WU. The station appears in green as well as the developer API key. However, Hitting “Weather Diagnostics” reveals a “Mean Temp” of 18 deg C, which is.. uhm.. well perhaps that was the temperature at 3 am, but no way for mean temp to have been that, we have had 30+ degrees from noon to 19 PM.
Also, after disabling / enabling Zimmerman method the “Last Weather Call” went to Jan 1st 1970… “Last Weather Call Successful” however stayed fine. And the Watering Level went back to 100% after this maneuver. “Min Humidity” and “Max Humidity” – no idea where OS pulls those from. It currently gives me max humidity of 100%. That can’t be true, not even for Panama during the summer season 🙂

Hope you will address those issues for 2.1.5 too, thanks!