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As far as logs are concerned these would be the run logs stored on the OS, the data that requires editing is just dummy data for a starting point, and so that the script works. I really need to have the script default to 0 run time for a program if no log exists, as I do believe the OS only creates a log for a program if it runs.

ET should be started at zero. It will be pretty well balanced after about a week of average weather for your area. If it rains a ton in the first few days it can look pretty scary in the negative, but usually remains pretty accurate for watering needs. When I started using it we got 14inches of rain the second day running, after about a week everything was leveled out, and the grass was a touch on the dry side but not dead.

the 1mm file should contain the number of seconds for each station to distribute 1mm of water over the coverage area. You may have to calculate the values if you don’t have a water meter that can display how much water is going to the zones.

There is a minimum and maximum water amount per start time. I used 5mm and 15mm respectively. If there is less than 5mm required the program will not run, in the next available start time. For example if your ET came out to 25mm you would see the first 2 start times enabled, the first would water for 15mm then the second would start and finish off the remaining 10mm.

If any precipitation is detected in the most recent call to the script all start times will be disabled. There is a flaw in that part of the script as it may disable watering for the remainder of the day, however, I figured if it was raining we could probably wait till the next day to catch up. Most places disallow watering during or immediately after measurable rainfall anyway.