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Hi Ray,

Thanks for providing more info detailed about how OS works. I’ll spend more time getting familiar with the code to help my understanding. That will just take some time 🙂

Re: connected to the router
When network connectivity is lost, it might be useful to log that condition. It might make noticing and correcting network issues a little easier as some might require user action. Having the OS’s view is may be helpful. Just a suggestion.

Re: The controller won’t ping or do time sync’ing when a program is running.
The key here is thinking about program objects. While the irrigation schedule from my (user) perspective was busy from midnight to 10:30AM yesterday, there are multiple programs that make up that time period. I’ll guess that the ping activity was occurring between when one program ended and the next one started even though that is a very short period of time. So, the ping behavior I saw is expected.

Re: DHCP behavior
Yes, I understand that kind of issue. Thanks for the more detailed info. If I experience a connection issue when statically connected it is not likely to be this problem.