I actually tried another card (Patriot), took the OPSI to my desk, connected it to a monitor that had a composite input, re-installed the firmware, rebooted, configured, then rebooted to make sure everything works. I then shut down, disconnected the network & monitor and took it to the garage and reconnected it there and powered it up. Now I cannot reach it on my network (it is hard wired) I connected other network device to switch and they can be reached, moved the Ethernet cable to the port on the switch that the other device that worked was connected to and nothing.
I even tried blindly logging in and doing a doing a reboot, but with no screen I have no idea what state the OPSI is in. If only those two capacitors (not resistors) were not blocking the HDMI port I would just cut a hole in the case for a HDMI cable and I would know was going on ~sigh~, I am dreading disconnecting and and taking it back down to my office to start over <again>.