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The screenshot I had was actually of the Laptop <-> Switch. And then the OS <-> Switch.

Then I thought, why not connect it to the laptop <-> OS; I just found an odd thing. When I connect the laptop <-> OS, it gets a link light.

If I connect the Switch <-> OS no link light. BUt all other devices work on the Switch.

It’s a newer Dell N2048P, and I think there may be a negotiation issue between the two devices. The N2048P is designed to be a 48 port POE Switch, but I only use 2 ports for POE, all other ports are in passive mode. There may be something on the switch preventing a connection, or possibly a setting in the ENC28J60 preventing a connection when it senses power coming through (which it shouldn’t shut off, just not accept the power. I’ll double check what’s up with the switch once my friend gets a chance to look into it. But for the meantime, I think I’ll use a dumb switch to link with the OS to get my network going again. Talk about strange….