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Thanks Ray for looking this up for me. I know how painful it can be to check through old versions looking for a feature.
Before I try downgrading the firmware, I thought I might try to connect to NTP one more time to try and get the time set.

So I re-booted the OpenSprinkler and then looked at the event log of the router (Netgear C6300). This is the event I see:

Jun 29 09:24:29 2015 Error (4) DHCP RENEW WARNING – Field invalid in response v4 option
Jun 29 09:24:29 2015 Notice (6) DHCP Renew – lease parameters time server-

I am able to connect to OpenSprinkler with my browser & can make changes and manually control the sprinklers.

Switch Settings:
Gateway (My router)
Auto Reconnect Yes

Does this provide any clue as to what might be happening?