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I was able to modify the code so that I can use IFTTT Maker channel for notifications. Also, I have it working on OSBo.

Here is what I added to

# Setup variables from config file
iftttEventName = config["push"]["ifttt"]["eventName"]
iftttUserKey = config["push"]["ifttt"]["userKey"]
# Send Push Notification
        elif (pushService == "ifttt"):
                url = "" + iftttEventName + "/with/key/" + iftttUserKey
                payload = {'value1': event }
                #print url
                #print payload
                ret =, data = payload)
                syslog.syslog("Notification sent to %s. Message: %s. Return message %s" % (pushService,event,ret))
                #print ret


And I added this to the config.yaml file:

  service: "ifttt" # Acceptable options are "instapush" or "pushover" or "ifttt"
    eventName: "YOUR_IFTTT_EVENT_NAME"
    userKey: "YOUR_IFTTT_USER_KEY"