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I think i may have found the 200% culprit maybe. When wundergound returns “Precip Today -999.00″ it appears that may be forcing the calculation to go to 200%. Obviously we did not have -999.00” of rain today. Can erroneous negative valued data like that be treated like a zero in the calculation?

For a long time i had “west palm beach, fl” as my location with wunderground, but recently it had been displaying “westgate,fl” instead of “west palm beach, fl” on the OS home screen. So about a month ago i changed the location to my zip code “33417”. This put “west palm beach, fl” back as the location on the the OS home screen. “33417” is returning the erroneous data (“Precip Today -999.00”), i just changed it back to “west palm beach, fl” and i’m getting “Precip Today 0.00” and the adjustment is a reasonable 103%.

I see you are working on a solution to allow the use of’s data instead of wunderground. Maybe that will be a fix to.

Still if today’s precip comes in as an erroneous negative value, it seems the app could just treat it as a zero value.