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I buzzed-out the connections from the LCD connector to the µC, and everything seemed OK. I also buzzed-out connections from all of the µC & LCD connector pins to adjacent pins and to any of the traces that run adjacent to the pins. I did not find any shorts. I tried another LCD from the lot of five I bought, and two other LCDs I had from other projects. That’s five LCDs that I tried in the board and none of them worked. What I find most unusual is both boards exhibit the exact same characteristics. I’d be willing to bet that if I built up another PCB, it would do the same thing. It almost makes me think that I either installed a part incorrectly on both PCBs, or that I got a bad batch of one of the parts from my source.

I think that I’m going to use the web interface to exercise as much of the circuit as I can, then make an educated guess as to what is installed on the board that has not been tested (i.e. – SD card socket, relay circuit, µC buttons) and start removing them.