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I would also like to express my need for sequential programs (Not stations, as that already exists). In my case, I have 12 drip stations watering over 3 programs. Each program contains 4 drip stations running concurrently and the programs are balanced in accordance with my flow rate. These programs run for 30 minutes each, starting at 1am, 1:30am and 2am, respectively. This allows me to water at a relatively consistent rate for 90 minutes. This is vital to those of us on a well.

As mentioned, the challenge comes about when I utilize the weather adjustment. As you can imagine, when I adjust to 150%, for example, I have 8 stations running concurrently as the programs begin to overlap. This is a problem as I am exceeding my flow rate.

Being on a well, I wish to have my pump run continuously. Thus I do not want to spread out my start times to, say, 1am, 2am and 3am as this would cause unnecessary pump cycling (On for 30 minutes, off for 30 minutes – if weather is set to 100%). If the program logic worked hand-in-hand with the weather adjustment to run sequentially, this would alleviate the problem.

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