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Regarding the first issue you posted, this is not a bug and the description is correct. To elaborate, let me first quote the same values you did:

0 to 59 seconds, in steps of seconds.
1 to 179 minutes, in steps of minutes.
3 to 16 hours, in steps of hours.

The value is cumulative between all the “inputs” on the popup all converted to the units listed on each row. In other words, when we say “1 to 179 minutes” we are saying if the duration is greater than 59 seconds and less than 3 hours the granularity (or highest resolution) is minutes.

For the second issue, I have run into that issue before and have not found a great fix yet. This is a known bug.

The third thing you mentioned is not a bug. When you access the UI directly by using the IP it does not function as an “app” in that it won’t allow you to access other OpenSprinkler units you may have. I realize users now want cloud sync on the direct IP UI for the station images and will work on getting a working solution.

Update: Just to add to the first issue, the watering time has a final unit of seconds when it is scheduled. However to save space, we interpret the stored water value based on how large it is but once interpreted the time is scheduled in seconds. This is important because a value of 2 minutes can be modified into 1m 30s by using a watering scale of 75%.