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Thanks for the prompt and exhaustive answer, Samer.

I see.
But it was not that easy to extrapolate from the manual that the granularity was changing

So I have sometimes a waste of water, especially when it comes to pots or sloped landscapes.

I see that I cannot use the evapotranspiration correction in these cases.
Say I have a 138% of correction

1 min * 1.38 = 1 min 23 sec is acceptable, no waste of water, but some wilting or suffering is appearing in the plants
2 min *1.38 = 2 min + 45 sec and it’s too much

A workaround is to split the two minutes into two events, possibly separated by an interval.

It’s not solely a matter of evapotranspiration, but rather an equilibrium between the amount of water dispensed each time and infiltration rate of the soil.