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I don’t disagree with the programmability of system compared to the off the shelf products out there, at least on the low end of the number of stations. If you are uniformly watering than this is not an issue. It implies that multiple stations is more about water pressure drop than programmability of the stations. In other words, the flexibility of the system is inversely proportional (ok not exactly) to the number of stations.

For the record, I do like this system.

I am currently using mine to water potted plants, and I have a bunch. Potted plants are quite a bit more finicky to control moisture levels in the soil. Different stations have different water needs in; plant water needs, sun availability, and pot size. Each station has a basic watering program. Each station also should really have deep watering program for X number of days. I also have a fertigation system that is “Y” into the system, another program for each station. I really would like 3 programs per station, preferable 4 for any future expansion, i.e. different fertilizing needs. I am looking at adding another 4 to 5 potted plant stations in addition to the current lawn watering system.

I understand the EEprom limit, I was wondering if the software is flexible enough support an EEprom programming change without modification?
I saw in another thread the suggestion of moving the firmware to an SD card. You would essentially remove any memory limits, the issue then would then be addressability. I think this is a fantastic idea.