> Although your first screenshot does help expose the issue it doesn’t tell us the cause.

Agreed. That was intentional just to show what it was displaying. I started there to see what I was looking for. Screen shots 2 and 3 have “Rules” selected.

In screen shot 3, the td line highlighted in grey is the selected line (Current % Watering). I see the same thing walking all the way up to the “table” tag. If I go above “table” tag, it changes.

My OSPi is not Internet exposed. It’s just hooked up on my internal network. At some point I may throw it in one of my DMZ’s where I can put a static NAT, but haven’t done that yet. Trying to finish up my LCD display program right now.

Forgot to mention that I did try it on a clean browser as you requested, with the same results.

I’m not finding any way to export the full Console/Rules page I’m looking at.

I did do a search for “http” in the main console pane looking for a URL that didn’t resolve, in case there was a resource not loading. All that showed up was:

<base href=”https://sprinkler:8443/#sprinklers”&gt; (This is the https->http proxy port)
<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”https://sprinkler/css/app.cgz”&gt;
<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”https://sprinkler/img/favicon.ico”&gt;
<script src=”https://sprinkler/js/app.jgz”></script&gt;
<link rel=”apple-touch-icon” href=”https://sprinkler/res/ios-web/icons/icon.png”&gt;
<link rel=”apple-touch-startup-image” href=”https://sprinkler/res/ios-web/screens/startup.png”&gt;
Help & Support

Everything looks right in these URL’s as far as I can tell. All are valid and return results. If I input the css URL into Safari (or firefox), it loads. I did have a problem when testing with a clean browser that I got the blank page instead of a login page again. It was because the cert is self signed and so it failed accessing the app.jgz file. I manually entered the URL, said trust the cert, and that issue was gone.