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Just curious as to how things are progressing with your exploration of adding flow-rate sensor capabilities & the extent of functionality that you are contemplating. In general, I thing the following features would be helpful to a wide base of users:

° Ability to setup / record normal flow rate for any given zone & save that Value for ongoing analysis.
° Once the above has been accomplished; monitoring flow rates of each zone as it runs its normal programmed schedule. If the measured flow rate of any given zone is above or below a defined percentage from the established normal flow; automatically send an email to the address(es) of your choice; to alert homeowner / irrigation contractor that there appears to be a problem and that the zone in question should be checked. This could save a fortune in water billes (& wasted water) by promptly alerting users of possibly broken irrigation heads or cuts in drip tubing. Rather than waiting to see a sky-high water bill; you are promptly advised of problem areas; so that you can fix the problem, or at least disable that zone until you do have an opportunity to check it out.

A bonus feature would be the ability to save this information in your logs (if you have logging enabled) and even calculate the number of Gallons / Liters of water used by zone or program.

This hits home for me; as I just got my water bill today and it went up from $150,00 to $670.00 month to month. I now know that I need to perform a walk-through inspection of my entire system for broken heads / lines; but it would have been great if I could have discovered the problem early on and avoided the extra $500 in water fees.

Regardless, Ray & Samer have done incredible work on this platform & I truly appreciate everything they do when it comes to listening to customer requests and trying to bring the most popular requests to fruition. (While I don’t live in California; the speed with which a Califorinia Drought specific prorgram was rolled out was lightning fast and something that I have never seen successfully executed by any other irrigation controller company.) You guys ROCK & your hard work has not gone unnoticed. Thanks for all the time you put into dealing with the liteny of user requests.!