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I finally got the opportunity to try to troubleshoot this issue. I removed the µC & LCD sockets. While I had the sockets out, I cleaned up the PCB and inspected the area. I did find a slightly damaged trace, which I repaired. Everything looked pretty good, so I soldered in new sockets and replaced the µC & LCD. I still have the same issue with improper function of the LCD. With the small amount of using the web interface to actuate the device, some functions seem to be working, but others do not. I am not able to operate the triacs, actuate the relay, change the LCD contrast or brightness. I was able to update my location and give it a static IP address. In addition, it appears to sync with NTP and it also got a notification that there was a firmware update (I have 2.1.2). When I tried to update with the osFWUpdater, a device was NOT detected and the update failed. I wish I had a o’scope or logic analyzer so I could do a bit more troubleshooting, as it appears that the µC is partially functioning.

I think what I’ll do at this point is to declare defeat and put them away for now…rather disappointing.