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@xeinth: you said ‘I have the same issue with 2.1.5(1)’ and it’s not clear to me which issue you are referring to. There are several potential issues: some earlier firmware versions have bugs that prevent the weather call from being received when the HTTP port is not 8080. But this has already been fixed in 2.1.5(1). Also, 2.1.5(1) has added a feature that automatically restarts the controller if the last successful weather call hasn’t updated in 24 hours (and if there is no program that’s going to run within the next minute).

Another possibility for watering level not updating is that the weather station is returning invalid data.

If you check the last successful weather call time stamp and if it’s not within a minute of the last weather call time, something (perhaps your router) is blocking the network packets to OpenSprinkler. For example, if you have set to use static IP (i.e. DHCP off) you must make sure to set the correct gateway (i.e. router) IP as well. Otherwise OpenSprinkler will not get any data returned to it.