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@catalin Do you have the Raspberry Pi version or the microcontroller version (the one with the LCD)? If you reboot the device, does the adjustments occur?

We found a possible issue which we are resolving in 2.1.6 regarding the DNS resolution of the weather service. The DNS reply was being cached by the firmware indefinitely and because we use Amazon Elastic Beanstalk we are behind a load balancer and the IPs are liable to change.

A reboot of the controller is updating the DNS entry however this is only temporary fix. In firmware 2.1.5, we added a feature to reboot the microcontroller version because at that time we did not understand the underlying issue but knew a reboot fixed it, hence why I am asking. We are not rebooting the Pi as it may be doing other functions which we do not want to interrupt.

We now believe we understand the issue completely and will be offering a fix in 2.1.6.