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I am still trying to get my head around the software. There seems to be several choices (unified, python interval program, and sprinklers_pi). I haven’t found much to guide a newbie on the choice except for the comments in the manual that you can choose which one when you start up the system. I want to add a LCD/keypad for local control/maintenance people. People have commented that it’s possible and that they have done it but haven’t posted the details/code (that I know of). Am I missing something or these things not detailed very well? I suppose some of this may become more clear once I get a system and start playing with it but I don’t want to spend lots of time fighting with software. Want to make sure it will do what I want before I jump in.

Was just looking at the github link Ray posted. It links to a PIC I2C decoder. Wondering if the code is compatible with this:
which uses a MCP23017 I2C chip.

Can someone confirm this was rolled into the latest unified software? I see mention of the LCD. Is there any keypad support?