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I read your post at 10AM Sunday, ordered a Pebble on Amazon, and got free same-day delivery – it arrived Sunday evening. I installed your software, and got it working right away. Amazing stuff! Thanks for programming it.

A couple of issues: I use an external DDNS system to access my sprinklers, so I need to be able to access a URL, not just an IP.

I have three controllers, each with a different port number so that I can forward them through my router. I don’t see how I can access more than one controller from the Pebble.
It would be great to allow a user to scroll through the zones (up and down buttons move the cursor, the select button chooses the zone under the cursor) Then, they could turn the valve on or off (up button is “Add one minute,” down button is “subtract one minute” subtract to zero and the zone turns off. You could also add a “chatter” mode that would turn the valve on and off quickly to make a sound that would help find the zone in the sprinkler manifold, where there might be 8 valves next to each other. Chattering the valve would make it easier to find.

Since the Pebble is waterproof to 50 feet, it makes a good gadget for managing sprinklers when you are out in the yard, wet and muddy. I don’t like takig my main phone out when I work on the sprinklers, because my hands get all wet and muddy. But the Pebble is an ideal unit… conveniently on the wrist, readable in full sun, and with big buttons rather than trying to use a touch sensitive screen with muddy fingers (on a much more expensive watch that I probably wouldn’t want to get wet and muddy). For $80

Font size is a problem… it’s pretty hard for me to read the smaller text in dim light.

I wore the Pebbly all day today, and I think I like it. The vibration works well for me to alert me of phone calls, and I like being able to glance at an incoming text or email to see if it is worth reading on my phone. I also like that it’s cross platform for both iPhone and Android.

keep up the good work.