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Thanks, David… this is really cool. I’m not sure about the update process… I ended up unloading and reloading the app completely before I realized I had the new version.

I like it! some comments:

The rain sensor still says it’s raining. I’m in a drought in San Diego, so this is a bit of a cruel joke 🙂 I don’t have the sensor even hooked up, and plan to use it for flow sensing from a meter Real Soon Now with the next release. Can’t wait to be the first to in my neighborhood to see my water meter flow on my watch.

“Manual” mode on the controller turns off the auto mode, so it is confusing to use manual mode on the watch, but (I presume) keep the controller in auto. Perhaps calling the watch control “Custom” or “Override” might clarify things.

The order of status lines that appeal to me are:

rain delay (but only if there really is one)
water level
last run (more as a check to make sure things are working)
last update
next run (new)
logs (new) – I’d like to see the most recent log, as well as a history of a given zone… (e.g. “how much/how often have I been watering this zone?” and “how many gallons of water have put here in the last week?” when we get the flow sensor.

and geolocate everything so I can just walk around and do all this without worrying about zone numbers, etc 🙂