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@David: Great work… I get such a kick out of having this on my wrist. Maybe “Run” or “Start” is enough for the menu item. “Run Station” or “Start Station” would also work if there is space.

The font is still hard for me to see in dim light (I can read it OK in bright light). I could put on reading glasses, but it would be nice to have all the text in the bold font that now shows the controller name, or an option in the settings menu.

It would be nice to have what is now the “Manual” menu item (soon to be “start” or whatever) appear at the top of the menu before the Rain Delay option.

I don’t understand your reference to is this the code that you are running on the watch? if not, are you sharing your Pebble code? I’d enjoy learning from it, and seeing if I might be able to push some info from a Python script.

thank you so much for all your efforts, too. I do hope we can get some documentation/support going in case you get hit by a truck 🙂 Maybe if you point me in the right direction, I might even do a bit myself, if nothing else, to learn JS 🙂

and @Samer: I’m hosting a BBQ this Saturday with user interface/smart things guru Donald Norman and will be showing him my Opensprinkler setup. He is best known for The Design of Everyday Things I suspect he’ll have lots of first-class ideas. I’ll show him whatever software is available Sat afternoon my time (GMT-7).