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@tom i update the app for you. Good inputs with the Menu names and sort.

V 1.2 add features
* – add: Run Programs Menu to run Test and Run-Once Progs
* – add: show the Sprinkler Programs in the queue and running Time (Station Menu)
* – add: Menu for “reset Rain delay” and “Stop All”
* – fix: bigger text on mainpage
* – fix: rename “manual Mode” to “Run Station” and place it at top in the main menu
* – add: funnny sayings on the “loading…” screen 😀
* – add: show Stations in the queue on the Mainepage

To update the app. Unload an reload it… the autoupdater takes a week for one update…

If Donald have some ideas. please tell us. 🙂 At the beginning of the sentence withe the BBQ, i thougt you invite us to a BBQ 😉 hehe… its a little bit far from Berlin to GTM-7. 😀

You can find my code for the pebble app on Github:

Remenber: If you shake your watch (in the Main Page of the App) its update/reload the Infos from the OpenSprinkler 😉