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Hey Tom,

there should be a feedback if you set one parameter. The Pebble has just four buttons. Back, enter, up and down. So, i think, the button usage is clear and i dont need to waste space for logos what the button mean. If you press enter in one menu, you go to the next menu. If you press enter to send the command, the watch should show you a “Set data” Page and vibrate shortly. If you have a realy quick internetconnection, you dont see the “Set data” page. 😉 But there is a vibe and it goes back to the menu. After setting a parameter, go back to the Mainpage and see the status. You should see your interaction. (Station is Running, Rain delay is set.) and so on…

If you want to set up the runningtime quicker – press up or down longer. The time jump 30min oder 30hours up or down. #

I set the rain delay in hours. I think, you use your watch just for small interactions. To stop the Sprinkler for a BBQ – you set 4hours rain delay. And with a long click up, you add 30 hours.

This is a good idea with the “global correction factor”. I know this from my old Gardena Sprinkler control. You can set up a global factor from 0% to 200% and the water time will customize itself. Now we have the Zimmerman method. This would be fine for a manul costomize. If you need this: please post this as a Featrue request for the Firmware. I cant do this. The Pebble just use the API from the OpenSprinkler.