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I am having a similar problem as discussed in this forum. I have 2.1.15(2) firmware on my unit and I am using a local station which is Blairgowrie, Randburg, GAUTENG (IGAUTENG163) according to the Wunderground site. My unit calls it Blairgowrie only.

It was working fine until my rain sensor was triggered. Since then (3 days now) it has been stuck on 0%.

When I click weather diagnostics, nothing is displayed, it just has the loading images for a bit. then nothing.

If I go to select a new location, its slow to display them, but selecting a new one changes nothing.

I can access the unit remotely.
It is on DHCP.
I have rebooted it a few times. Including powering it off and back on

Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.