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The GPS coordinates are never just shown to you. So that explains why you are not finding the numbers.

The update procedure only clears the configuration if the version changes (due to how the configuration is stored). Restarting the program will not clear the configuration. If you wish to clear the configuration, you may simply delete nvm.dat in the same directory as OpenSprinkler and restart the program.

Also, the station name is not shown in the location field because again only the coordinates are being saved. Weather Underground takes the coordinates and locates the nearest station. If they match exactly with a known station, of course that station will be selected 100% of the time. Therefore, there is no difference. The map tool has been created to help by overlaying the weather stations using their known coordinates. Furthermore, the location box above allows precise address entry (home address). This allows you to quickly just drop a pin on your OpenSprinkler. Then, the closest weather station is always used.

Lastly, regarding the name being shown on the location button. This is exactly the same as the text being shown on the home page. It uses Google’s Reverse Geocoding. I am not using Weather Underground locations because the names internationally are not consistent and even contain errors. The Reverse geocoding isn’t perfect, I admit. But I am working on improving the relevance of the city, state names being shown. But yes, I am also seeing Colorado, USA for your location. I will see what I can do to improve that.

Thank you for the detailed reporting. I hope that helps explain some of the issues.