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Phil Maron

I’d like to add my 2c to this discussion because I have been thinking exactly the same thing. I have been in the habit of either changing the frequency of my programs for the different seasons or creating seasonal programs and enabling/disabling as the seasons change. I’m not convinced that the Zimmerman formula by itself handles the needs of my garden all that well. In any case, I’d support the call either for programs to be automatically enabled/disabled for specified periods or for individual programs to provide the capability to set different parameters for set periods. I’m not sure which would be simpler to implement but I suspect that automating program enablement/disablement would probably be simpler.


P.S. One reason why this becomes necessary is for situations where you have plants being watered under cover. i.e. they don’t get rain! In that scenario I have ignore rain set for that particular station but I can’t set it to discount the rain component of the zimmerman formula for a single station. In reality, adding the ability to discount individual components by program would be another major bonus.