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You are right That it can modify in the FW …
But I would not want to get to the stage That I’ll make Adjustments FW and Then Will not supported (Either UI or HW). I already Went through this with OSPi dan / OSPy Rimco.

On the other hand, if the flow sensor used as a detector malfunction (no flow if station open, or vice versa is a large flow if the station is closed, etc …) is in my view appropriate to use detection (another detection at this time is not in the OS -AC/DC/OSPi). And if I use only flow sensor (rain sensor is disabled) and now rain and station has now irrigation – this is error.
It is therefore appropriate to have these two sensors together. I understand that the box has no hole OS (the terminal with another pin).
The user base uses rain sensor, and if he wants to expand its hardware pulls out another conductor plate. But according to my aid should both simultaneously.

If not support in the OS (and mainly in UI) for two sensors simultaneously does not make sense to further discussed in this thread because I got back to the blind fork.

Thanks Martin