For OSBee shield we only provide demo code and unfortunately the OpenSprinkler unified firmware does not work out of box for OSBee shield. However, if you have a Ethernet shield or WiFi shield, it’s pretty easy to implement the /cm command so that it will respond to the master controller.

The reason I’ve paused on developing the standalone OSBee is this: the main benefit of latching valve is its power efficiency, so ideally it should be battery powered. However, if it needs to have WiFi / Ethernet connection, then driving by battery is challenging, and so most likely it will still have to be powered by a power adapter. But this defeats the purpose of using latching valves. Besides, latching valves are at similar cost (if not more expensive) than 24V AC valves, and 24V AC valves are more common, so at the moment I am putting the standalone OSBee at low priority.

For users with DC (non-latching) valves, the OpenSprinkler DC version is the best choice.