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Hi all,
weather algorithm is not 100% function on my location.
Example: weather reports rain, yet not a drop of rain falls, and the program was blocked – this is a mistake.
The only real indicator is the rain sensor whether it rained or not.
Yes is possible join rain sensor between power outlets valves (COM terminal), but I lose the ability to detect rain in the mobile application and that’s the main reason why I talk about it constantly. I do not want a virtual prediction from weather algorithm , but the actual entry.
Furthermore it is not yet actual resolved protection when is not water in reservoir or pipe burst (via water flow sensor). I want to use the maximum (ie, mobile applications and Unified Firmware), but until this somehow solve reasonably’ll have to use OSPy ( where the detection of flow (pressure) resolved plugin, but unfortunately the mobile application of Samer early as this tree is not supported. I just do not understand why it is a problem to connect additional input in HW Unified firmware.
Ray, of course, is the main creator and I do not have anything to say, but that I consider fundamental to be able to order hardware (or Rasp from Ray).
Thanks Martin