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Thanks for your response. This was my expectation as well hence I clicked on the preferred station of course, however it does not work as intended. First of all the stored GPS coordinates a slightly differs the GPS coordinates found on the station page on wunderground site. Furthermore the GPS coordinates more precise on the site they cannot be stored in the same format.

The GPS coordinates of my preferred station according to wunderground (IBUDAPES63): 47.407, 18.997
Applying the query: 47.407398, 18.997299
The firmware stores this coordinates when I select exactly this station on the map: 47.40745,18.99731
Fine tuning of the stored GPS coordinates by manually editing the config file did not help.

Not a big difference but the result is that I got weather data from a completely different station which does not have precipitation sensor. I assume that this station is which is allocated to Budapest, Hungary name and located several km-s far away. I do not know how wundergorund works but it seems it does not resolve the nearest station.

I found a workaround. I edited manually the saved configuration backup file and replaced the location info like this: “loc”:”pws:ibudapes63″. This works fine. It would be good to edit directly this location info in the GUI.