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Thanks for making progress on the project and sharing the picture. I think enabling ESP8266 definition in the repository requires assigning GPIO pins. I haven’t decided how to assign the pins (or even if ESP8266 has sufficient on-board pins to support all the OpenSprinkler functionality). The current list of pins are:
– buttons: 3 digital (can be implemented with 1 analog pin and resistor divider instead)
– shift register: 4 digital
– LCD, RTC: I2C (can be shared with as many I2C devices as needed)
– rain sensor and flow sensor: ideally 2 separate digital pins (1 if allowing only one sensor at a time)
– expander sensing pin: 1 analog
– current sensing pin: 1 analog
– RF transmitter: 1 digital
– sd card: SPI (if using SD card)
So overall these are quite a number of pins. Even with the new ESP12E module, it may require a IO expander chip.